Our Products

Estimate cost – Can be linked to your website. At the backend you can enter your product or services and the corresponding prices. Clients visiting the website can check the price of your service or products by inserting a few details that are required to give the desired pricing. It can show the different prices for different units of the product or service required by the client. You can give the option to show the price in different currencies. With a single price list we can manage different pricing for the same product for different varieties with a percentage increase assigned with different varieties.

SWAN – Will be a part of your website where details of different companies providing similar services can be listed and compared based on the selections made by the client. At the backend all details of different vendors providing different services or products of the same industry will be listed. With the filter option, the client can check these details based on his preference and select the best option for him after comparing the amenities provided by each vendor at particular rates.

SSS – You can install it to your WordPress website. It is a button sort of thing which will stay on all the pages of your website and move up and down along with the website moving up and down respectively. It can show different Social media pages of your company, or can show different contact details or can even show you the various branch locations of your company. It can be used to keep the client informed in the most attractive way to any crucial information you want to share.

CALF – A backend UI for your internal storage of your data. You may make different heads of various departments and store data, useful information, files, folders, videos in one place. It will have a login so only you have the access to your important files. You may create divisions in each department and segregate the data as per the usage. It can also be linked to YouTube videos.

PACE – Great software for keeping your entire database and sending orders and keeping record of all your orders. Huge databases with their contact details, bank details and the services they provide can be managed, checked and exported in desired manner using various filter options. Orders can be saved and executed through it, you may send email to your vendors or suppliers or even clients about the progress of the order. In the order section you may choose from a list of suppliers who will be picked on the basis of the requirements of the clients. You may track the status of your order and check on which stage is the order currently. It also helps the accounts team as all the records can be found at one single place.

CREW – Automated software for employee details. It provides all necessary details required by the HR department at any given point. It will also facilitate the employees to punch in the login and logout time. Extra working hours or missing hours will also be calculated easily for the salary computation. It will provide the reminder for increments and promotions based on the data input.

NRGY – It is financial software, helping the senior level management to check the financial reports at one place. It will provide different types of reports like the P/L report, asset report, cost incurred etc. You may compare the sales and purchase for different months. You can have the option to enter sales and purchase for all your companies at one place with different services.

ASHI – A smart contact management and bulk email sending program. You can buy the product if you have a large mass mail sending requirement on a regular basis. If it is not a regular thing then you can choose to send your email to your contact list through us at a very nominal amount. You can store all your contact list from different industries maintained and saved in one place. You will have the option of bulk entry or single entry as per your need.